Sandy And Craig’s Wedding

Sandy and Craig came to me in June 2015, to ask if I would teach them to make their wedding rings for each other.

I said yes, in a cold-induced brain haze (as I was ill and not thinking straight). And even though I had pushed myself into the deep end, having not run a workshop before, I did some research and my excitement returned.
I was delighted to be asked and truly loved the whole experience.

We had a meeting to discuss ring types, materials, their ideas, etc and I talked to them about the processes I would teach them, wax casting and soldering, the properties of white gold, the finishing process and ideally how the workshops would be run.
Craig was to make two square 18K white gold bands to go either side of Sandy’s engangement ring and Sandy created a chunky plain band out of wax, which was cast in white gold for Craig. As there was quite a bit of work involved we had two 4 hour workshops, complete with cheese board and bubbly to celebrate.


In the first workshop Sandy created her wax mould, creating the perfect shape, feel and size for Craig. While Craig cut, filed, formed, soldered and hammered two bands for Sandy. By the end of the workshop there were three rings nicely formed.



By the second workshop, Craig’s chunky ring had returned from the castors and was now made out of solid 18K white gold. The last workshop consisted of a lot of filing, buffing and polishing to finish the rings, more cheese and more bubbles and photos.

The rings were then engraved, rhodium plated to give them the dazzling white shine, packaged in a handmade wooden box from Turkey and delivered to the bride and groom a couple of weeks before the big day.

White gold, as it contains natural yellow gold, has a yellow-grey tinge depending on which alloy it is mixed with, so plating with rhodium is necessary to create a bright white finish. Rhodium is a super white metal, which is electrically bonded in a thin layer to the golds’ surface. This wears off after a while and needs to be redone 1-2 times per year.

Sandy and Craig were married in a beautiful ceremony at their home on the central coast of New South Wales on the 4th October 2015.

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