9 Essential items you need in your jewellery box

What are your go-to jewellery box essentials? Pieces that you keep coming back to again and again?

Personally, I can’t go past a ring – and wear about 12 stacked up across 4 of my fingers- different stones, different metals, different sizes.

But what does a well-rounded jewellery collection contain?

Below are the nine essential items we all need in our jewellery collections

Stud earrings

Stud earrings are so versatile! They can be small and “forget-they’re-there” style or larger with embellishments and dangly bits. But what I’m talking about here is the need for a pair of simple studs that can sit in your extra piercings up your ear, that you don’t have to take out and that you can sleep, workout and shower in. Having a pair of everyday studs is a must.

Small – medium dangly earrings

A pair of smaller sized, lightweight dangly earrings are great for everyday wear, as you can forget they’re there and they elevate your look all the same. Let your style shine through and choose earrings that reflect your personality. If you’re in the office, smaller dangly earrings are perfect for everyday wear!

Large Organica Hoops earrings

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings come in many different sizes and shapes – choose a pair that suits you and your personal style. I love the look of big round hoops, but always find I accidently grab them, so opt for smaller, organically shaped styles that are longer rather than wide.

Hoops can also be smaller, include embellished details or be different shapes like rectangles and ovals.

Large earrings

These are my go-to earrings of choice for everyday adventures! I’m not talking super huge earrings that make your earlobes touch your shoulders, I’m talking large in size, that create a statement, but lightweight so they are comfortable. Stones look great here but can get heavy depending on their size. Thin gauge precious metal, filigree and chain can provide size without the weight.

Large earrings work well from day-to-night and can create a statement reflecting your personality and mood. So versatile!

Pendant Necklace

Pendant necklaces are super versatile… either made of just precious metals or incorporating stones, pendants are often used as talismans for people’s life’s adventures. Whether they be milestone birthdays, to signify the birth of a baby or new project or to mark a life changing adventure – pendants are worn at all lengths and often hold personal meaning for the wearer. Pendant necklaces are often matinee length, sitting between the collar bone and the top of the bust – and lend themselves perfectly to necklace stacks.

Textured necklace

What I mean by a textured necklace is a necklace that goes beyond a simple chain with or without a pendant. A necklace that has multiple little dots, or is made up of multiple stones or beads, and provides variety and texture to the neckline. These pair well with a pendant necklace to make a simple necklace stack. Remember to use a variety of lengths if creating a stack.


Bangle/ cuff/ bracelet

What do you prefer? Bangles, cuffs or bracelets? Bangles are a continuous circlet of wire or metal that you need to squeeze your hand through and that remains in that shape while wearing. A cuff is similar to a bangle; however, the ends don’t meet completely allowing your wrist to slip through, or it opens up to allow your wrist in. A bracelet is more fluid in character, often being made of chain or beads and which sit closely to the wrist thanks to clasps or elastic. Bangles, cuffs and bracelets can indeed be stacked and create a pleasing jingly noise as you go about your day.

Large/ chunky statement ring

Preferably for everyday wear. I don’t believe in having beautiful jewellery and locking it away for only the best occasions. If you have it – you should be enjoying it! A larger, chunky ring made from either just metal or incorporating stones creates a statement piece that works beautifully on its own.

If big and chunky isn’t your thing, try a larger stone in a colour you love to create a standout piece. Group with smaller stacking rings to create a ring stack.

Stacking rings

The more the merrier in my opinion! Stacking rings provide texture and variety to ring stacks. Place with a larger stone ring and make a statement. Or wear on their own for a more minimal look.

So now that you’ve had a run-down of the nine jewellery box essentials, what pieces do you love and what is missing from your jewellery collection?

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I believe that a life well lived is a life filled with experiences, adventures, people, milestones, love, laughter, tears, lessons learnt and their many, many stories.
And I believe that jewellery is a symbol, a talisman of these stories, holding memories and tales from the many adventures of your life.