Caring for and cleaning your jewellery

Having copious amounts of jewellery is all well and good in theory, but then the reality sets in and you have to love and care for your jewellery as you would a fine wine. So cleaning is in order and there are a multitude of ways in which to do so depending on the piece, its finish and it fits on the delicate to durable scale. In my opinion the best way to keep your sterling silver rings and bangles looking clean and shiny is to wear them. Daily. I wear a couple of stacks on my fingers and 5 or so bangles on my wrist that i dont take off. Not for showers or kids baths, cooking or cleaning and they stay silver and bright.

However I can’t wear it all and sometimes my jewellery gets tarnished. Most of the CQ jewellery has a brushed matte finish so maintaining a high polish is not necessary. So I turn to the bathroom, where I use a bit of toothpaste on a cloth to rub the tarnish away. For matte finish only however! If your piece has a high polished finish the granules in the toothpaste can create little scratches ruining your mirror shine. 

For gold plated jewellery a more gentle method is required. CQJ is plated with 22K gold to a thickness of 3 microns (2 microns is more common for gold plated jewellery and can fade quicker). As with all plated jewellery, the gold is just a covering over the base metal – sterling silver in the case of CQJ. Over time their adventures out of their storage pouches and boxes will wear the plating down and eventually rub off. So extra care is required and removing your gold plated jewellery for bed, showers, cooking and cleaning is the best way to maintain the gold finish. 

To clean these more delicate pieces a jewellery cleaning fluid works well. You can also get a cleaning product called lectric from the cleaning isle in your supermarket which works amazingly. To use get a glass bowl, line it with foil, put your jewellery and a spoonful or so of the lectric in and pour over hot water. * Be careful here as it fizzes and bubbles*.  And hey presto nice clean and shiny jewellery once more! Be warned however, if your jewellery has oxidised sections (a black finish which is used to highlight detail as well as create different coloured metals) DO NOT USE the lectric powder technique as the oxidisation will also be removed. 

I have also used boiling water with some vinegar and baking powder too for mixed results. But by far my fave cleaning method is toothpaste… and you get a minty scent too, BONUS!

Do you have any other methods you use for cleaning your jewellery? If so, please share below in the comments so we can all learn more. 

Happy cleaning x

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