Catching up with Kathryn Hawkins – our co-collaborator

With the release of our HCo x CQJ collaboration collection 3 weeks ago, I thought I’d introduce you to Kathryn Hawkins from Hawkins & Co – the other half of our beautiful minimalist designed collection. Apart from lending her style to creating our mini collection – check HCo x CQJ here – Kathryn runs Hawkins & Co, the go-to Australian online marketplace for quality, everyday, Aussie made clothing and accessories AND is a dietitian and nutritionist with a young family.

So I caught up with her to find out more… what launches her into her daily adventures, what jewels she chooses to take along with her and what’s in store for future fun.

What inspired you to create Hawkins & Co?
I am someone who never really liked the idea of fast fashion. I never had a large wardrobe with loads of clothing, I preferred to have a smaller selection of good quality clothing and accessories. As I got older, I started to discover local Australian brands that where just gorgeous! I was a young adult in Melbourne, so I used to do a lot of boutique shopping. Then I would look up labels I liked online and shop on their websites. After a while I started to wish there was ONE website I could go to and find gorgeous Australian womens clothing labels to discover and shop… so when I had a bit more time and some idea of how I was going to do it, I created Hawkins & Co. The aim was to create something that reflected an effortless, timeless style, and acted as a showcase of what is available right on our doorstep.

What are three words to describe your brand?
Timeless, elegant, relatable.

How do you decide which brands to showcase at Hawkins & Co?
Firstly I look at their collections and how they fit into my existing brands. I consider the Hawkins & Co customer and how the brand will appeal to them. I also consider the brands ethics around manufacturing, and their commitment to providing Australian women with the best quality product – I just LOVE the use of Australian wool and cotton!

What is your go to item in your wardrobe that you just couldn’t live without?
Dark blue jeans, and fresh white cotton T’s… these two just work! Second to that, a long sleeve cotton dress.

What is your favourite piece of jewellery and why?
My engagement ring is my favourite piece! My husband and I designed it and chose the diamond together. It was a very exciting time in my life and made me feel so special. A very close runner up is a fine necklace with my daughter’s initials on which was a gift for my first mothers day. It is rose gold and was chosen by my husband, and I wear it every day.

My newest favourite piece is the Grace studs from our HCo X CQ collection! I have had SO many compliments on them, and they just add that special touch to my outfits.

What is your dream piece of jewellery?
I am already wearing it! Both my beautiful engagement and wedding rings… but I would love some matching diamond earrings to go with them one day – a girl can dream!

What are your top 3 places/ to do’s on your bucket list?
As far as my Bucket list goes, becoming a mum was on the top. It was something I waited for a long time and my absolute greatest achievement. Graduating with a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics and forging a career as a dietitian was also on the list, and starting Hawkins & Co rounds off the trifecta! I am thrilled to be in neck deep in the beautiful chaos that is the motherhood / working / business owner life – there is nothing I would rather be doing at the moment!

In terms of travel, I would love to ski with my husband and kids in Canada and Japan, that would be incredible – definitely on the to-do list.

As well as being the director of Hawkins & Co, you are a nutritionist, mum, wife and all round modern Australian woman. How do you find the time to get everything done?
Oh I know everyone loves these questions! The simple answer is that I don’t get everything done… but I do get the important things done. My first priority is being a mum, so the time we spend cuddling in bed in the morning, talking about our day and preparing breakfast together is a very protected time for me and a great start to the day. Once the day is underway it is a matter of ticking things off the ‘to do’ list! I have a notebook and every night before I go to bed I write my ‘to-do’ list for the next day, which must seem so old fashioned these days. I also plan our meals for the next day, as nourishing meals are a huge priority for me, and get the breakfast stuff ready to go for the morning – I am just a huge dag really!

Apart from my two days of childcare a week, I am prepared to have 4-5 nights a week up late, spread out on the dining table working. After I tuck my little girl in, I basically jump in the shower and get into my trackies and get started! I don’t watch much TV or have many nights out… a couple of nights a week my husband and I have the evenings off and we go out for a meal as a family, or sit out on our balcony with wine and chocolate! If I have a quiet week I love to read in the evenings.

To be honest, it is as simple as prepare, prepare, prepare! Use your time wisely, make lists, set goals, get it done!

What’s coming up at Hawkins & Co – anything exciting on the horizon?
Yes! There are always things happening.

We have some gorgeous new brands joining us over the next few months, which is always exciting. We are also planning to structure a program to give our subscribers and followers more in the way of special offers, so something to keep your eye out for. Oh, and I have just had a sneak peak at some of our brands Autumn / Winter collections for 2018 and they look incredible!

Emma Studs

Grace Hanging Earrings

Grace Hanging Earrings

Eve Studs – mini

Eve Large studs

Eve Studs

Grace Studs

Heidi Studs