Exploratory trip to Bali 2015

I just got back from an exploratory trip to Bali. An exploratory trip into the world of jewellery.

I spent a couple of days looking through the boutiques in Seminyak and was delighted at what I found. Original designs, designed by the jeweller and created by the local artisans. The pieces were fresh and lively and I wanted them all!

Sterling silver, gold, gold plated silver, brass, copper and stones. Put together to create magic.

Suffice it to say I came home with a lot of new pieces for my own collection. Including rings that I can add into my ring stacks. Pieces that I cannot make myself, and that will remind me of my time in Bali with my daughter and dad enjoying all the jewel-tastic goodness the boutiques have to offer.

The trip has also inspired me. Inspired me to further my learning and skills and to try new things with my own designs.

One questions still plagues me though- do I remain a jeweller who takes the time to handcraft each of my pieces and have a small clientele? Or do I have my designs made by others and allow me to distribute my pieces to a wider audience?
I think for the moment Ill remain a small handcrafted jeweler. Working with people to create one of a kind pieces for them and making my designs with my own two hands.

For the moment anyway… who knows what the future will bring.

Clare x

Do you have a request for design elements, alternative materials or something else you would like see incorporated into Clare Quinlan jewellery?
If so, I would love to hear your thoughts.
Please email me at clarequinlanjewellery@gmail.com.

Jewellery in picture from left –
LeeLoo Bird sterling silver and gold plated ring, stone ring from Ubud, Monsieur Blonde opal ring, Kristensen pearl ring and aventurine ring.