How to choose a gift they will LOVE!

So you’ve decided that some amazing jewels are the perfect gift for your loved one. Great choice! But what’s next?

What type of jewellery?
What style?
What stone if any?
What size?!
What colour?

It can be a little daunting…. but FEAR NOT! Have a read below for some pointers of choosing the perfect piece.

“Jewelry is a very personal thing…

it should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it.”  

-Garance Daré

What style?

Your first step is to think about the person you are purchasing for.

Do they wear earrings? Necklaces? Bracelets? Rings?

If you aren’t able to get ring sizes, it may be best to think about getting them something that doesn’t require such precise sizing, for example, a necklace or earrings.



Yasmine Earrings


Do they wear earrings? If so, what size – big or little ones?
Some people are more comfortable wearing a particular size. Often large earrings are heavy and uncomfortable to wear from a long time.

If your loved one does enjoy epic proportions when it comes to ear adornments, but are also worried about the weight, the larger designs of the CQJ earrings are nice and light! For example, the Yasmine earrings are made from 0.4mm sterling silver, and are very light, despite their grandeur!



Have a look at the style of necklaces your fabulous friend already wears.

Perhaps they like long and chunky medallion style pieces the swing and sway. Or a medium length to add to a necklace stack. Or perhaps they like wearing more simple and minimalist styles, that sit nicely on the collarbone for a glint of minimalist glamour? 

If unsure, go with a length similar to what they already own, as you can be sure the know and appreciate the feeling and still of that length.




Bracelets and Rings

These are both great options, however often need particular sizes to be known to ensure the best fit.

As alternative, you could look at cuff bangles and adjustable rings, which are able to be adjusted to any size and fit your gorgeous person perfectly!

Or if you want to get the perfect ring to symbolise a grand adventure or milestone moment, have a read of my post “Your guide to figuring out ring sizes” and consider buying a ring sizer (available in my online shop and fully redeemed with the purchase of a ring).


What to figure out your loved ones ring size?

1. READ Your Guide to Figuring Out Ring Sizes

2. BUY Ring Sizer
(the cost of which is fully redeemed with the purchase of a ring).

READ Ring Size Guide Post Get me a RING SIZER now!

What stone? If any?

Does your person-of-fabulousness wear stones? Or does it seem that they’re all about the subtle stylishness of sterling silver shimmering in the sunshine?

If so, there are plenty of options for you – all styles are covered – earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.

Do they have a crystal collection or some crystals on their desk?

Some people love wearing stones of significance – whether that be to signify their birth month, their zodiac sign or a feeling or quality they wish to nurture or manifest in their lives. Stones have many meanings, so have a read of some of my Insta posts for details on their meanings (or email me and we can figure something out together!)


What colours to does you delightful dreamer like?

Blues to represent their love of the ocean? Reds and yellows for some fiery fun and pop of joy? Or maybe a nature lover who feels the pull to all the shades of green? Perhaps they’re a lover of subtle hues and minimalist style – and black or clear crystals or none at all are more their thing?

Gift Voucher

And when in doubt…. There’s always a gift voucher available. Hooray!

CQJ gift vouchers are available online and will be emailed to you – perfect for that last minute gift stumble or to just say…

“I want you to have the whole world of beautiful jewels to admire and delight in… so here’s a voucher for you to choose anything your heart desires!”