Jewellery tells 1000 words

Behind every piece of jewellery, a woman wears, is a story to be told.

A lady sits on a bus bench twirling a ring around her finger; given to her by a beloved grandmother.

A girl in a park with her necklace moving across her neck as she runs along the path; a piece created especially for her as a romantic gesture from a boyfriend.

Another woman wears a bracelet which she bought at a marketplace while travelling around the world after finishing school.

When you look at the jewellery you wear on your fingers, your arms or around your neck – what do you see? Is it just a piece of metal or is it something more significant? What memories does it evoke?

If it’s a wedding ring, do you remember the day you got married? How did you feel? What was the day like? What was it like to stand next to your husband to be and say the words “I Do”?

Once upon a time jewellery was given to you but nowadays more women are buying it for themselves to celebrate special life achievements, whether it’s a goal they reached, a promotion at work or overcoming an obstacle.

Everyday women stand in front of the mirror and put on their jewellery. Each piece has special meaning and resonates with the wearer whatever she felt when she first received or bought the piece.

Every woman has different things that inspires and lights her up. Every jeweller designs for this specific purpose. Every jeweller creates, knowing they are fashioning a piece which will have a unique experience for the wearer, symbolising a special moment in her life.

When a piece leaves our care to make its way to its new owner, we wonder what journey or adventures it is going on, what memories will it leave and what story will it tell. Will it be inherited, handed down generation to generation?

What’s your story? What meaning does your Jewellery have?

We would love to hear your stories…

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