How To Find Your Perfect Ring Size

How do I find out my ring size?

There are a few ways to find out your ring size. From printables to jeweller’s ring gauges. Once sized – note down all you finger sizes in your phone for quick access. The same finger on each hand will often be different from each other – so measure ALL your fingers.

#1 The best and most accurate is to get your finger sized with a ring gauge.

You can go to a jeweller, such as those found in shopping centres, to be sized.

#2 You can use a piece of string.

Wrap your finger with string, mark it with a pen, and measure the laid-out length with a ruler.
Make sure not to stretch the string, otherwise this can skew your measurement.

To ensure the most accurate size…  measure the exact finger you want your ring for.

What is the most accurate way to measure my ring size from home?

An inexpensive way to accurately measure your size is to purchase a ring sizer.

These are available in our online shop – and this cost will be refunded on the purchase of a CQJ ring.

I want a RING SIZER now!

How do I find out the ring size of someone else?

You could secretly borrow one of their rings from their collection and take it to a jeweller to size it.
Make sure it’s a ring that fits the finger you want to buy for.
And that it won’t be missed before you can replace it asap.

Or play the ring size trivia game…

Say to your secret ring receiver:
I heard that the same fingers on different hands are different sizes!
What?! Let’s check ours!

If you have a ring sizer, use that, or use a piece of string. Measure everyone’s fingers and note them down.

Fun times AND you have the information you require! #Stealthmode


  • Each finger can change up to a whole size thoughout the day!
    Typically, when you’re cold, your blood vessels constrict to retain warmth – and your finger shrinks.
    When you’re hot, your blood vessels dilate to get rid of heat – and your finger gets bigger.

So how do I measure my ring size if it changes?

It’s best to measure your fingers later in the day when you are warm, but not hot or cold.

  • If your finger size changes while you’re wearing it throughout the day – you can just swap it onto another finger.
  • The same finger on opposite hands is often a different size.
    Typically, your preferred hand is slightly bigger than the other.
    For example: my ring finger on my
    right hand: Size L , left hand: Size J 1/2.

Jewellery and Pregnancy

When you are in the later stages of pregnancy – often your body retains water and swells a bit.

So, refrain from measuring your fingers at this time, wait until bubs has arrived.

And if your jewellery isn’t fitting well while pregnant, don’t worry!
You’re growing a human!! It will fit again soon x


Measure all your fingers while you’re there and keep a record of sizes in your phone for future ref.