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Jewellery tells 1000 words

Behind every piece of jewellery, a woman wears, is a story to be told. A lady sits on a bus bench twirling a ring around her finger; given to her by a beloved grandmother. A girl in a park with her necklace moving across her neck as she runs along the path; a piece created […]

Creating the BASIC ELEMENTS collection

The Basic Elements collection is essentially a revamp of some previous designs, creating a range that is versatile, simple in design and a pleasure to wear. Jewellery is an expression of ourselves and I personally enjoy wearing many simple pieces to create a layering effect. The Design Process Designing any new collection is fun and […]

Exploratory trip to Bali 2015

I just got back from an exploratory trip to Bali. An exploratory trip into the world of jewellery. I spent a couple of days looking through the boutiques in Seminyak and was delighted at what I found. Original designs, designed by the jeweller and created by the local artisans. The pieces were fresh and lively and […]