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Jewellery tells 1000 words

Behind every piece of jewellery, a woman wears, is a story to be told. A lady sits on a bus bench twirling a ring around her finger; given to her by a beloved grandmother. A girl in a park with her necklace moving across her neck as she runs along the path; a piece created […]

Whats in store for CQJ in 2017 – A Blog Takeover

Hello, it’s Julie here. I’ve taken over Clare’s blog this week as she prepares for some incredible changes happening with her business this year. Not only is Clare planning a relaunch of the New Beginnings collection, there is also a new direction for the business, her family is expanding and then there’s a relocation midyear. […]

Sandy And Craig’s Wedding

Sandy and Craig came to me in June 2015, to ask if I would teach them to make their wedding rings for each other. I said yes, in a cold-induced brain haze (as I was ill and not thinking straight). And even though I had pushed myself into the deep end, having not run a […]