Clare Quinlan Jewellery will be closed from 17th February to the 20th April 2018 due to an interstate relocation. All orders taken during this time will be started after the 20th April 2018. Thank you for your patience and apologies in advance for any inconveniences caused. Please contact Clare directly at if you have any questions.

Welcome to Clare Quinlan Jewellery.

There is an adventure to be had in every day –
This is the philosophy behind Clare Quinlan Jewellery, established in the NSW hinterland in 2014 by passionate jewellery creative, business owner and gypsy soul, Clare Quinlan.

CQJ is about more than just beautiful trinkets and treasures to adorn your body with.
CQJ is about creating your own adventure.
CQJ is about creating a LIFE YOU LOVE and are passionate about.
CQJ is about creating the life you jump out of bed in the morning for.

Jewellery is a memory marker – trinkets of adventures past and tokens of experiences awaiting your future. Jewellery represents stories already played out and pledges yet to be fulfilled.
Jewellery is your life’s adventures told in metal, stone and fire.

Designed and handcrafted in Australia, Clare Quinlan jewellery showcases the natural beauty of semi precious gems, 100% recycled sterling silver and 22K gold. Inspired by far off places and intriguing journeys, CQJ features a timeless and universal aesthetic, enabling it to be worn from day to evening, across generations or with any adventure.