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One-Of-A-Kind designs are uploaded most weeks and are available for purchase. These designs feature semiprecious stones, sterling silver and/or gold.
As with all CQ Jewellery, these unique pieces have been designed and crafted by Clare Quinlan in her home based studio in Melbourne, Australia.

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Welcome to Clare Quinlan Jewellery.

A life well lived is a life filled with experiences, adventures, people, milestones, love, laughter, tears, lessons learnt and their many, many stories.

Jewellery is a symbol, a talisman of these stories, holding memories and tales from the many adventures of your life. Your jewellery collection is a biography of your life – told in metal, stone and fire. In this way, a piece of jewellery can tell a thousand words. 

I believe that these talismans, the carriers of your life adventures, should be crafted with the love and attention these stories and chapters deserve. 

I design and handcraft my jewellery in my home-based studio in Melbourne, Australia. Clare Quinlan jewellery showcases the natural beauty of semi precious gems and sterling silver. Inspired by the natural world, far off places and intriguing journeys, CQJ features a timeless and universal aesthetic, enabling it to be worn from day to evening, across generations or with any adventure.

Clare x


CQ Jewellery Subscription Boxes

This is a 6-month subscription, with one box of jewellery JOY finding its way to your front door each month. In each carefully curated box you will receive at least one essential piece of jewellery to curate a capsule collection as unique as you. As well as a selection of exciting not-to-be-missed bonuses.

Curate a unique, capsule collection of handcrafted jewels, and have them all delivered to your door.

  • 6 months.
  • 1 box per month.
  • 10+ pieces of handcrafted sterling silver jewellery.
  • Extra gifts to bring joy and love to your world.
  • The ritual of an anticipated moment of self-love to immerse yourself in each month.
  • Elevating your collection of jewels with interesting, unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, different from the everyday, mass produced jewellery available in most shops today.

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