Get minimal this summer…

Okay… Im a bit late to the party but better late than never…

Welcome to 2019 – I hope the first month and a half have been amazing for you! And for those of you in Australia – I hope that you have been staying cool during these crazy heat waves that have been occurring all over the country!

It occurred to me that a couple of guidelines for wearing your jewels in summer – especially when the heat is cranked up to ‘roast’ level – might be a good way to start the new year. Because lets face it – who wants to put little metal insulating devices on their bodies when every movement you make threatens to overheat the system? 

Summer is the perfect time to call your inner minimalist to come out of hiding and strut their stuff. Off go the finger length ring stacks and multiple bangles. The chunky necklaces and heavy earrings head back into the jewellery box for a siesta.

And out come your delicate necklaces, simple ring bands and dainty bangles and bracelets. Earrings on the other hand, generally don’t sit on any of your skin – so these can remain big and statement inducing if you so desire.

A couple of thinner band rings, with differing textures, a simple thin chain and pendant set up or a couple of mini bangles can create all the jewellery goodness you need. And if you choose simple designs they can be added together with other pieces in your jewellery box to create gorgeous stacks later on.

Here are a few suggestions for your cooling minimalist look…

Newcastle Pendant
4cm long sterling silver textured bar pendant on a 45cm cable chain.
Bangalow Pendant
Bangalow Pendant
12mm diameter sterling silver pendant. On a 45cm cable chain.
Honeysuckle Pendant
Honeysuckle Pendant
22mm long x 6mm wide pendant. 42cm length chain.
Sorrento Ring
Hammered texture.
minim Collection.
Vienna Ring
Vienna Ring
Matte finish.
Thin 1.5mm band.
Basic Elements Collection.
Seaspray Bangle set
Seaspray Bangle Set
Set of three 1.5mm wide bangles with 8mm disc and bead charm.
Sorrento Hoops- mini
Sorrento Hoops – mini. 20mm(w) x 30mm(h).
Otway Earrings
12mm(w) x 30mm(h). Hammered texture.
Nelson Bay Earrings
Nelson Bay Earrings
20mm diameter. 6mm disc. 55mm high.