Creating the BASIC ELEMENTS collection

The Basic Elements collection is essentially a revamp of some previous designs, creating a range that is versatile, simple in design and a pleasure to wear.

Jewellery is an expression of ourselves and I personally enjoy wearing many simple pieces to create a layering effect.

The Design Process

Designing any new collection is fun and I have a sketchbook on me at all times to scribble ideas or sketch a potential design that pops into my head. My sketchbooks contain ideas and images I have discovered over the years -patterns, photos, cutouts from magazines, even words I hear or quotes I like – and I go back through them intermittently to revisit past ideas and expand on them, or take a fresh view of something I’d previously thought of. So in essence the designing of a collection can take months or even years – however they are all drawn from my life experiences, nature and travel.

So in essence the designing of a collection can take months or even years – however they are all drawn from my life experiences, nature and travel.

Once I have the inspiration and a general aesthetic of what the collection will be based on, I start concept sketches of different pieces – necklaces, earrings, rings, bangles, etc. There are many pages of sketches created in this phase – playing with the form and functionality of a piece and trying to imagine how it will sit on the human form – not every design makes it.

Jewellery Creation

The next step is to create samples of the pieces, the Basic Elements collection containing 20 or so designs.

A few of the elements were initially carved out of wax to create a model. These were then sent off to a company in Sydney to create a mould and have the designs cast in sterling silver. Once their back to me I finish the piece by filing and completing the surface aesthetic and adding the functional elements to make them into jewellery.

Other pieces I created straight from sterling silver in my home studio – sawing, filing and hammering; while the sketches of the few remaining pieces were sent off, including details and specifications, to the silversmiths I work with in Bali.

All the samples were completed in sterling silver and a decision made on which would be available as gold plated sterling silver also. I am now in the process of naming the designs, which are named after places, cities and rivers that I feel represent the aesthetics and ‘feel’ of each.

Ready to Launch

With the launch of the Basic Elements collection in 2 weeks, we had our first lifestyle photoshoot on the weekend, complete with model, makeup artist, hair stylist, photographer and wardrobe collaborators. Here I was able to express the story behind the collection and show the type of woman I designed the collection for. We had two aesthetics – a strong, bold, edgy and independent woman in an urban setting and a free spirited, slightly boho adventurer hanging out in nature. I feel, that while these two aesthetics may be opposites, they are often both expressed and represented in the same individual.

The Next Stage

Im super excited the direction the business is going in, and the possibilities and opportunities for the future. The artisans I am working with in Bali are truly inspiring and run their business to benefit their local community – both the people and the environment – with job opportunities and local initiatives to get involved in. Together with their skills, natural talent and silversmithing knowledge – passed down from previous generations – I will be able to design and create some truly beautiful jewellery now and in future collections to come.

The Basic Elements range is a ‘back to basics’ collection, for your staple pieces and everyday adventures, and will be launched on Tuesday evening the 28th March 2017 – so stay tuned, follow us on Insta and Facebook and keep an eye out for sneak peeks and promos to come.


The Basic Elements photoshoot collaborators include: Kristy Van Eck from Journey for Kate photography, Anna Faithfull from Mia Bella Makeup Artistry, Evie Grace Roebuck as our model and wardrobe elements from Elements of Design in Warchope, NSW.