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5 ways to rock statement jewellery

Statement jewellery can be worn anytime of day or night and add a bit of extra fabulous to your look. Whether your heading into the office, to the park for some flying fox and super swinging action or heading out for a night of extravagance and delight, a statement pice of jewellery can lift your look […]

The Rise of the Coloured Stone Engagement Ring

This month, we’re lucky enough to have a guest blog from Sophie Forbes from B Jewellery. Sophie is an accomplished jewellery designer from Brisbane, Australia designing beautiful sparkly creations with gems and diamonds and is here to talk about the trend to use coloured stones for engagement rings, a change from the more traditional diamond. It is […]

Jewellery & Winter – what to wear and how to wear it.

Well it’s that time of year again. The time of year when tights replace waxing appointments, cosy knits cover up your skin for the frosty months ahead and when visits to the beach are accompanied by blankets and wooly shawls rather than towels and bikinis. And while wearing jewellery in the warmer months is super easy, […]